Why Does This Pokemon Event Exist?

lycanrocThey’re giving out a Lycanroc midnight form for users of Pokemon Sun and Moon.  I really don’t get why this Pokemon Gamestop event exists right now. I don’t understand why they made it available to players of Pokemon Moon as well. Heck, I don’t even understand why this event exists. Because, sure, Lycanroc has its hidden ability but you can normally get that within the game. Its moves aren’t that great, and it’s holding a life orb which isn’t a good item for Lycanroc to hold. This is because Lycanroc has high defense. They should have put it out in its day form.  Look it up to see the difference in stats. So that is why I think this event is stupid. Thanks for reading. See you next time!


Overcoming the Poison Within You











A poisonous blob and a poisonous fist
Grabbing you all day
You think you can get to the end
But in reality it’s far away

The acidic bat and its poisonous fangs
Chomping into your flesh
You think you get to the end
But in reality it’s a long stretch

A giant spider and its webs of fury
Wrapping around you
You think you can get to the end
But the webs are like glue

However, at the end of this long dark tunnel
You find the light
You know you’ve made it to the end
Your future seems bright

(In Honor of March 21: World Poetry Day)

Pokemon Sun and Moon and Its Legendary Pokemon

Hi everybody! Pokemon Sun and Moon is finally here and I hope you are all having a blast with it! I sure am. Let’s talk about its Legendary Pokemon, with a short bio on each, so we don’t have to cram this post with too much info. That would make it a nightmare to read! Let’s move on in chronological Pokedex order:

First we have Tapu Koko. He is a fast Legendary Pokemon who is currently the fastest Fairy type in the game. Its Electric Surge ability allows it to coat the arena in electrical power, boosting electric type moves and preventing anyone from falling asleep. His only role as a Fairy type is pretty much just being bulky and using Dazzling Gleam, a move almost any Fairy type can learn.

Fun Fact: Dazzling Gleam is the only Fairy type move Mew can learn because it is the only Fairy type move that has a TM.

The other Tapus are pretty much the same thing, except in different departments of stats. Tapu Fini has a lot of defense, Tapu Lele has a lot of speed, and Tapu Bulu hits like a tank.

Let’s move on to Soulgalieo, Lunala, and Cosmog. Soulgalieo is a fast and powerful beast that can run through enemy defenses like it’s mealtime! Lunala has some crippling weaknesses, but at full health it can use its Shadow Shield ability to block the most vicious attacks. Its Moongist beam is one of the only moves that can ignore the abilities of enemy Pokemon.

And Cosmog? He’s useless. The only moves he can learn are Splash and Teleport. Splash does literally nothing (I am not joking) and Teleport lets you escape a wild encounter for free, but if you use it in a regular trainer battle or an online match, it does literally nothing. Cosmog is weaker than Majikarp because at least Majikarp can learn Tackle. Cosmog’s only redeeming factor, if you can call it that, is that it evolves into Soulgalieo or Lunala, depending on which game you have. I won’t go over which evolves into which, because it should be easy to guess.

Necrozma is OK in every stat and is pretty good at setting up Stealth Rocks. His Prismatic Laser is a Psychic Type version of Hyper Beam.

Anyways, I’m going to end it here. I hope you have a good day and thanks for reading!


My Nostalgia for Black Kyurem


Before we get into this, what I think “nostalgia” is is that it’s somebody missing their childhood and wants to return to it very badly. However, I am calling out the elephant in the room regarding most people who have the most infamous of all nostalgia. I give you the class of nostalgia that is called “Gen 1-ers.”

These people are so obsessed with the original games that they don’t acknowledge new games and the only reason they ever would acknowledge them is to make fun of them. But not all people are in this very bad category. Anyway, let’s talk about Black Kyurem.

If you didn’t know that Pokemon Black 2 was my first ever Pokemon game, then now you know. One day I started up the game and someone asked me to trade Pokemon, so I did. By the way, I didn’t know how valuable starter Pokemon were yet… so don’t judge me. I saw this dragon Pokemon called Druddigon and I traded my Pignite for it. Afterwards, Druddigon became my ace on my team. His name was Fury.

My second team member was Kung Fu, a Locario. My third team member was a Sharpedo named Sharky. The fourth one was a Gyrados that someone traded me. Its name was Rampage. My fifth member was a Lugia named Cross. It came from Pokemon Dream Radar. And my sixth member was Hurricane the Tornados which also came from Pokemon Dream Radar– Theorin form, of course. My team was well-rounded and I beat the game on my first try. Then, I had heard at that time how to get Zekrom. I got the dark stone from N and I went to Dragon Spiral Tower and unleashed Zekrom and battle it. I threw a quickball and caught it on my first attempt.

Then I looked up the other Legendary Pokemon I could catch. I was browsing through Serebeii and I saw Heatran and Latios, but the one that caught my eye was Kyurem– my favorite Pokemon of all time.

I went to the giant chasm and had been saving my master ball for it. By the way, my Zekrom’s name was Zeke. I had taken Hurriance the Tornados off my team for Zeke the Zekrom. I also had one empty spot on my team just for Kyurem. I temporarily took off Kung Fu the Lucario from my team. I knew that Kyurem would change into its black form when I fused it with Zekrom which would leave one empty spot on my team. I was planning on putting Kung Fu back on my team once they fused. I found Kyurem and eagerly threw my masterball at it. If you don’t know what a masterball does, it always catches the Pokemon that it hits. You only get one in the game, so don’t waste it on a non-Legendary Pokemon. Only use it when you’re having trouble capturing a Legendary Pokemon. Anyway, it captured Kyurem and I named it Husk because Kyurem is just a husk of Resharim and Zekrom.

I picked up the DNA splicers and used them on Kyurem and Zekrom. They automatically fused and became Black Kyurem. I was overjoyed and I never lost a battle after that. I also put Kung Fu back on my team due to the empty slot. Ever since Black Kyurem has always been my favorite Pokemon of all time.

Thanks for reading this. Make sure to comment. I would love to see them. Always check back as I’m adding new content all the time. Stay tuned…



Feebas is Harder to Get Than Tauros!


Hi Everyone!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted, I’m so sorry. I know my posting times are inconsistent, but bear with me.

Have you ever heard of the Pokemon Feebas? I sure wish I hadn’t. Feebas is the hardest weak water-type Pokemon to catch!

In  the original game it appeared in, Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald, there is a guy on Duford Island who uses trendy phrases. You can change the trendy phrases he says, but his current phrase determines where Feebas will be on Route 119.

You can catch Feebas by fishing on only six tiles of that route, which has an estimated 100 tiles made of water. That’s only six out of 100 tiles where you can find Feebas!! Once you catch a Feebas, don’t change the strange guy’s trendy phrases anymore so that he can always tell you where to look.

In Diamond Pearl and Platinum, on Mount Cornet B1F you can fish for Feebas on the water there too. I recommend you use defog for this, which is a Pokemon HM move. Four water tiles of the estimated 30 tiles in that area may have Feebas. You need to fish with a Super Rod. I recommend you fish 3 times on each tile. I found mine on the fourth one I tried, but your experience might be different. It might take ten minutes or ten hours, it just depends on how lucky you are. The tiles reset every time your system clock reaches midnight, so you only have a day to catch as many as you can. Try to make sure to catch a female so you can breed more of them in the future.

Players of Pokemon Black and White 2 have things a bit easier, and by a bit I mean a lot! Simply put, fish on Route 1 and be sure to use a Super Rod. It is recommended you fish on rippling tiles, but all tiles may have them. That’s it!

Players of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have it even easier. Use the Super Rod and fish under the bridge on Route 119 at night time and you will almost always catch a Feebas.

Players of Pokemon X and Y have it the hardest. You cannot catch Feebas at all in X and Y, you have to transfer it using PokeBank, which by the way costs real money.

Anyways, that’s all the ways to catch Feebas in all the games it has appeared in! Have a great day and keep on catching!!!!!

Tauros is SO Hard to Catch


HI!!! Anyways, I recently rediscovered my Pokémon Yellow and Pokémon Black 2 games. In Pokémon Yellow I went insane trying to capture this bull called Tauros which took me (no joke) two hours to capture!!!!!

On to the abilities… how does the thought of an angry bull charging at you make you feel? Sends shivers down your spine, doesn’t it? How about the thought of an angry Tauros charging at you?

It ####### should!!!!!!!!

Tauros is a nightmare to go up against because he is very fast in battle and has a very high attack stat. Tauros is basically a physical version of Darkrai. Tauros has also good defenses– it’s only lackluster stat is special attack. But he can use hyper beam to make up for this special attack. He can also use Giga Impact to decimate his enemy and even if they decide to send out a ghost type, it knows the attack pursuit to deal with it– which is a dark type move and can easily deal with it. It’s also good because Tauros forces a lot of switches because of its high stats. Your opponent when using Tauros, they will most likely switch their Pokémon a lot. And since pursuits power is quadrupled when to they switch out and it gets to go first, from Tauros one pursuit can be very very fatal even if they are not switching out.

Tauros can learn wild charge which just further compliments its high attack and its reckless ability. It also learns flare blitz which is a fire type version of wild charge with the chance of burning your opponent. But be wary of this because Tauros takes damage when he uses this attack.

Overall Tauros is one of the strongest Pokémon in the game and one of the only things that can take out Mewto efficiently. Also Tauros has the biggest type coverage of any Pokémon aside from Mew. Tauros can learn 15 moves of the 18 types. 15!!

Tauros is a Pokémon I recommend you use. He’s like a legendary bull in disguise as a pokemon. Go get this guy! Although he’s pretty hard to get in every game though.

Goodbye and good gaming!


The Nightmare That Is Darkrai


Hi!! It’s been over a year. I’m sorry.

I’m finally back, so we might as well check this one out…

It’s Darkrai!!! I recently used a cheating device to get Darkrai on my Pokemon Platinum version. Anyway, on to the mythos!

Darkrai is one of those legendary Pokemon who has a legend surrounding him– unlike Genesect who I eventually will post about. Anyway, Darkrai (if you couldn’t tell from the title) gives people the worst nightmares of their lives. It’s rival is Cressalia which gives people such good dreams that they don’t wake up for awhile. The reason people don’t wake up in Darkrai’s nightmares is his nightmare curse which prevents people from ever waking up– aside from a feather from Cresslia called a lunar wing.

Sorry about that “How Cool is Deoxys?” post. We said, the week after that, we would post a Drakrai and Cressalia but we didn’t get around to doing it. School and stuff. Am I right?

Darkrai’s speed rivals that of Weavile’s and Darkrai’s special attack rivals that of Mewto. Its physical attack rivals that of Bastiodon’s. Too bad Darkrai’s only physical attacking move is faint attack which has a solid 60% power and is an excellent counter for double team spammers. This move never misses its mark. Darkrai’s dark void is his signature move which send the enemy into an insidious nightmare. And his ability, bad dreams, causes the enemy to lose health while they are asleep.  To further amplify its power, Darkrai can use nightmare which will likely make the enemy wake up. But while they are asleep they take incredibly massive damage. They also take a bit of bad dreams damage as well.

That’s Darkrai who is my second favorite Legendary Pokemon… and that’s saying something since there are a lot of legendaries at this point.

Goodbye and good gaming!




All About Spiritomb

Hi Everyone. Today’s all about Spiritomb. Spitritomb is a ghost dark Pokemon and there are only two of those in the world. Spiritomb has no weakness, except Fairy. But back in Generation 5 and 4, Spiritomb had no weaknesses because ghost and dark backed each other up perfectly. In Gen 4 and 5 if you gave Spiritomb Wonder Guard through hacking, he could not be hit by direct damage. The only way to harm it would be through stealth rocks, spikes, toxic spikes and burning poison.

I like Spiritomb becausehe is such an interesting Pokemon. With his special ability prankster, you can have all kinds of fun with special kinds of set-up. And with his hyponsis and dreameater combo he can cause some pretty painful damage. That’s all I have about Spiritomb so stay tuned for my next blog post.

All About Regigigas

Hey Guys… I am making a new post about Regigigas. Please comment and I will respond! Anyway, Regigigas is a legendary Pokemon that can shoot laser beams, has huge muscles and is a struggle to even find in the first place. Regigigas is powerful, but it’s weak in a simple way: stupid slow start. Alright, if you’re not familiar with slow has start, it’s an ability that halves your attack and speed for the first five turns in battle. Switching back in reactivates the battle ability. Once the five turn time period is over, it can wreck  the opposing team with moves such as giga impact, hyper beam, confuse ray and superpower– followed up by brick brake. Regigigas can wreck the opposing team if the time period is over. And Regigigas has the hidden abilities of moxy and download meaning slow start won’t be there, and you can wreck the opposing team right off the bat. You can only obtain Regigigas with its hidden abilities moxy and download through Wi-Fi events.

Regigigas has an awesome design. There’s a lot of speculation about his past and there are even guesses that Regigigas will obtain a primal form to become stronger. I believe his attack will grow by 100 and he will get the special ability of nature power. Some people think it will be a signature ability to Regigigas though no one really knows what it is. That’s about it for Regigigas. Poke up everyone and please leave a comment! Please.