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How to Catch Kyogre

Hi Guys! I’m back. Today we’re talking about the legendary pokemon, Kyogre. Kyogre is amazing. It’s said that Groudon and Kyogre will fight each other and Rayquaza will come out of an aurora in the sky. With his roar, Kyogre and Groudon will sink into the sea and Rayquaza will save the whole world and disappear for another thousand years. Kyogre is able to shoot water and is so hard to catch, you need a Master Ball to catch him. I am just going to say this: whenever you find Kyogre, you might as well say, “Look what we have here! A little fishy.” And then the fight is on. And Level 81 Feraligatrs are too strong for Kyogre. So if you have space on your team, you can just instantly throw your Master Ball and catch it. Kyogre is big and strong. Well, that’s it for today. Enjoy the video. Bye, guys! Poke Up!


All About Zekrom and Resharim

Hey guys! I hope you Poke Upped already! Now this is about how to catch Zekrom. Now, Zekrom is a Legendary who fought Resharim in ancient times. Just in case you were wondering, the black one in the video is Zekrom and the white one in the video is Resharim. Zekrom is able to shoot electricity and is one of the most powerful Pokemon. Zekrom and Resharim rule over dragon types at level 60. When you find Resharim and Zekrom, just like my Druddigon at level 50 on Pokemon Black version 2, ten simple level ups will evolve your Zekrom or Resharim into the level 60 ruler of the dragon types you’ve always wanted. Zekrom and Resharim (just in case you were wondering) they do not evolve. Leveling up is a kind of easy evolution and leveling up is also something that’s not actually an evolution. But, it’s something that makes Pokemon grow. And Zekrom and Resharim are able to use any dragon type move. For example, dragon rage and dragon pulse. Resharim and Zekrom can both use Zen headbutt. If you have Pokemon White, then Poke Up everybody and catch your favorite dragon type, Zekrom, on Pokemon white version. Bye!

How Cool Deoxys Is


Deoxys is a Pokemon that fought with the Legendary Rayquaza many generations ago– even before the dinosaurs lived or the Earth existed and way before our whole solar system was created. This is when Deoxys and Rayquaza fought. It’s been said that some day those two Legendaries will come back and maybe we’ll know who won. Deoxys is a Psychic type and he has four different forms: speed, offense, defense and power. All four of these forms of Deoxys, if they all team up, they have all the abilities to defeat all of the Legendaries and Mythicals including Darkrai and Chrystalia. Oh, by the way, tomorrow we are going to put up a post about Darkrai and Chrystalia. Deoxys is one of the ancient beings that we don’t know much about. Deoxys is so ancient that no one knows where his home planet is. And it’s said that all the Deoxys forms will come back to Earth and save it from the dangerous storm of Legendaries and Mythicals coming up against us. And that’s not all. All the Unknowns will be teamed up with all the forms of Deoxys. In the meantime, here is a cool image of one of the forms of Deoxys: speed. Someday we’ll put up more pictures until we get all four forms up. Well, bye everybody. I hope you enjoyed this post. Poke Up!

How to Catch Mew in Pokemon Blue and Red

I like this video because it teaches you how to catch Mew in Red and Blue. Mew is a Pokemon that can copy any move. Mew also has the ability to create new species of Pokemon including humans. Mew is a mythical Pokemon. Mewtoo is a Legendary. Mew created every Pokemon, even the Legendaries and Mythicals. I like Mew because he’s small, harmeless to anyone who doesn’t scare him and he is adorable. In my Pokemon Handbook it says Mew’s type is Psychic. I like Psychic Pokemons because they’re mystical and mysterious. Mew is known as the most adorable Mythical ever. Jirachi’s adorable amount is almost equal to Mew’s, but not quite. In the meantime here is a cool video.