How Epically Awesome Arceus Is


Hey guys! I hope you poke upped already. Today we’re going to be talking about the universe’s creator: Arceus. Arceus is a true tank when you fight him. He is amazing. He is so super powerful he can transform and is even a tank against the little Mew who is strong even though he’s a little guy. MewToo is the genetic pokemon. Not much is known about MewToo except that he lives in a cave. Arceus can defeat him too.

Arceus had three sons: Palkia (the master of space and dimensions– I’m not talking about space in the stars. I’m talking about the actual dimension of space itself), Dialga was the second son: the guardian of time. It’s been said that time began when this little Dialaga hatched from the egg andstarted to grow. And every time a human ages, Dialga grows. So everyday, it’s basically Dialga’s birthday. Every New Year’s Day people in the Pokemon world celebrate the Might of Dialga. The whole day in Pokemon world is called the Might of Palkia. This is on January 11th. The last son of Arceus is Giratina. The Might of Giratina is on Jan. 20th. Giratina is the master of the underworld– the reverse world or the world of anti-matter. We finished all the notes for Palkia, Dialga and Giratina– including their father, Arceus. If you liked this post, click the subscribe button. Poke Up, Everybody!


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