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All About Regigigas

Hey Guys… I am making a new post about Regigigas. Please comment and I will respond! Anyway, Regigigas is a legendary Pokemon that can shoot laser beams, has huge muscles and is a struggle to even find in the first place. Regigigas is powerful, but it’s weak in a simple way: stupid slow start. Alright, if you’re not familiar with slow has start, it’s an ability that halves your attack and speed for the first five turns in battle. Switching back in reactivates the battle ability. Once the five turn time period is over, it can wreck  the opposing team with moves such as giga impact, hyper beam, confuse ray and superpower– followed up by brick brake. Regigigas can wreck the opposing team if the time period is over. And Regigigas has the hidden abilities of moxy and download meaning slow start won’t be there, and you can wreck the opposing team right off the bat. You can only obtain Regigigas with its hidden abilities moxy and download through Wi-Fi events.

Regigigas has an awesome design. There’s a lot of speculation about his past and there are even guesses that Regigigas will obtain a primal form to become stronger. I believe his attack will grow by 100 and he will get the special ability of nature power. Some people think it will be a signature ability to Regigigas though no one really knows what it is. That’s about it for Regigigas. Poke up everyone and please leave a comment! Please.