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All About Spiritomb

Hi Everyone. Today’s all about Spiritomb. Spitritomb is a ghost dark Pokemon and there are only two of those in the world. Spiritomb has no weakness, except Fairy. But back in Generation 5 and 4, Spiritomb had no weaknesses because ghost and dark backed each other up perfectly. In Gen 4 and 5 if you gave Spiritomb Wonder Guard through hacking, he could not be hit by direct damage. The only way to harm it would be through stealth rocks, spikes, toxic spikes and burning poison.

I like Spiritomb becausehe is such an interesting Pokemon. With his special ability prankster, you can have all kinds of fun with special kinds of set-up. And with his hyponsis and dreameater combo he can cause some pretty painful damage. That’s all I have about Spiritomb so stay tuned for my next blog post.