Tauros is SO Hard to Catch


HI!!! Anyways, I recently rediscovered my Pokémon Yellow and Pokémon Black 2 games. In Pokémon Yellow I went insane trying to capture this bull called Tauros which took me (no joke) two hours to capture!!!!!

On to the abilities… how does the thought of an angry bull charging at you make you feel? Sends shivers down your spine, doesn’t it? How about the thought of an angry Tauros charging at you?

It ####### should!!!!!!!!

Tauros is a nightmare to go up against because he is very fast in battle and has a very high attack stat. Tauros is basically a physical version of Darkrai. Tauros has also good defenses– it’s only lackluster stat is special attack. But he can use hyper beam to make up for this special attack. He can also use Giga Impact to decimate his enemy and even if they decide to send out a ghost type, it knows the attack pursuit to deal with it– which is a dark type move and can easily deal with it. It’s also good because Tauros forces a lot of switches because of its high stats. Your opponent when using Tauros, they will most likely switch their Pokémon a lot. And since pursuits power is quadrupled when to they switch out and it gets to go first, from Tauros one pursuit can be very very fatal even if they are not switching out.

Tauros can learn wild charge which just further compliments its high attack and its reckless ability. It also learns flare blitz which is a fire type version of wild charge with the chance of burning your opponent. But be wary of this because Tauros takes damage when he uses this attack.

Overall Tauros is one of the strongest Pokémon in the game and one of the only things that can take out Mewto efficiently. Also Tauros has the biggest type coverage of any Pokémon aside from Mew. Tauros can learn 15 moves of the 18 types. 15!!

Tauros is a Pokémon I recommend you use. He’s like a legendary bull in disguise as a pokemon. Go get this guy! Although he’s pretty hard to get in every game though.

Goodbye and good gaming!



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