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Pokemon Sun and Moon and Its Legendary Pokemon

Hi everybody! Pokemon Sun and Moon is finally here and I hope you are all having a blast with it! I sure am. Let’s talk about its Legendary Pokemon, with a short bio on each, so we don’t have to cram this post with too much info. That would make it a nightmare to read! Let’s move on in chronological Pokedex order:

First we have Tapu Koko. He is a fast Legendary Pokemon who is currently the fastest Fairy type in the game. Its Electric Surge ability allows it to coat the arena in electrical power, boosting electric type moves and preventing anyone from falling asleep. His only role as a Fairy type is pretty much just being bulky and using Dazzling Gleam, a move almost any Fairy type can learn.

Fun Fact: Dazzling Gleam is the only Fairy type move Mew can learn because it is the only Fairy type move that has a TM.

The other Tapus are pretty much the same thing, except in different departments of stats. Tapu Fini has a lot of defense, Tapu Lele has a lot of speed, and Tapu Bulu hits like a tank.

Let’s move on to Soulgalieo, Lunala, and Cosmog. Soulgalieo is a fast and powerful beast that can run through enemy defenses like it’s mealtime! Lunala has some crippling weaknesses, but at full health it can use its Shadow Shield ability to block the most vicious attacks. Its Moongist beam is one of the only moves that can ignore the abilities of enemy Pokemon.

And Cosmog? He’s useless. The only moves he can learn are Splash and Teleport. Splash does literally nothing (I am not joking) and Teleport lets you escape a wild encounter for free, but if you use it in a regular trainer battle or an online match, it does literally nothing. Cosmog is weaker than Majikarp because at least Majikarp can learn Tackle. Cosmog’s only redeeming factor, if you can call it that, is that it evolves into Soulgalieo or Lunala, depending on which game you have. I won’t go over which evolves into which, because it should be easy to guess.

Necrozma is OK in every stat and is pretty good at setting up Stealth Rocks. His Prismatic Laser is a Psychic Type version of Hyper Beam.

Anyways, I’m going to end it here. I hope you have a good day and thanks for reading!