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The Nightmare That Is Darkrai


Hi!! It’s been over a year. I’m sorry.

I’m finally back, so we might as well check this one out…

It’s Darkrai!!! I recently used a cheating device to get Darkrai on my Pokemon Platinum version. Anyway, on to the mythos!

Darkrai is one of those legendary Pokemon who has a legend surrounding him– unlike Genesect who I eventually will post about. Anyway, Darkrai (if you couldn’t tell from the title) gives people the worst nightmares of their lives. It’s rival is Cressalia which gives people such good dreams that they don’t wake up for awhile. The reason people don’t wake up in Darkrai’s nightmares is his nightmare curse which prevents people from ever waking up– aside from a feather from Cresslia called a lunar wing.

Sorry about that “How Cool is Deoxys?” post. We said, the week after that, we would post a Drakrai and Cressalia but we didn’t get around to doing it. School and stuff. Am I right?

Darkrai’s speed rivals that of Weavile’s and Darkrai’s special attack rivals that of Mewto. Its physical attack rivals that of Bastiodon’s. Too bad Darkrai’s only physical attacking move is faint attack which has a solid 60% power and is an excellent counter for double team spammers. This move never misses its mark. Darkrai’s dark void is his signature move which send the enemy into an insidious nightmare. And his ability, bad dreams, causes the enemy to lose health while they are asleep.  To further amplify its power, Darkrai can use nightmare which will likely make the enemy wake up. But while they are asleep they take incredibly massive damage. They also take a bit of bad dreams damage as well.

That’s Darkrai who is my second favorite Legendary Pokemon… and that’s saying something since there are a lot of legendaries at this point.

Goodbye and good gaming!





How Cool Deoxys Is


Deoxys is a Pokemon that fought with the Legendary Rayquaza many generations ago– even before the dinosaurs lived or the Earth existed and way before our whole solar system was created. This is when Deoxys and Rayquaza fought. It’s been said that some day those two Legendaries will come back and maybe we’ll know who won. Deoxys is a Psychic type and he has four different forms: speed, offense, defense and power. All four of these forms of Deoxys, if they all team up, they have all the abilities to defeat all of the Legendaries and Mythicals including Darkrai and Chrystalia. Oh, by the way, tomorrow we are going to put up a post about Darkrai and Chrystalia. Deoxys is one of the ancient beings that we don’t know much about. Deoxys is so ancient that no one knows where his home planet is. And it’s said that all the Deoxys forms will come back to Earth and save it from the dangerous storm of Legendaries and Mythicals coming up against us. And that’s not all. All the Unknowns will be teamed up with all the forms of Deoxys. In the meantime, here is a cool image of one of the forms of Deoxys: speed. Someday we’ll put up more pictures until we get all four forms up. Well, bye everybody. I hope you enjoyed this post. Poke Up!