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My Nostalgia for Black Kyurem


Before we get into this, what I think “nostalgia” is is that it’s somebody missing their childhood and wants to return to it very badly. However, I am calling out the elephant in the room regarding most people who have the most infamous of all nostalgia. I give you the class of nostalgia that is called “Gen 1-ers.”

These people are so obsessed with the original games that they don’t acknowledge new games and the only reason they ever would acknowledge them is to make fun of them. But not all people are in this very bad category. Anyway, let’s talk about Black Kyurem.

If you didn’t know that Pokemon Black 2 was my first ever Pokemon game, then now you know. One day I started up the game and someone asked me to trade Pokemon, so I did. By the way, I didn’t know how valuable starter Pokemon were yet… so don’t judge me. I saw this dragon Pokemon called¬†Druddigon and I traded my Pignite for it. Afterwards, Druddigon became my ace on my team. His name was Fury.

My second team member was Kung Fu, a Locario. My third team member was a Sharpedo named Sharky. The fourth one was a Gyrados that someone traded me. Its name was Rampage. My fifth member was a Lugia named Cross. It came from Pokemon Dream Radar. And my sixth member was Hurricane the Tornados which also came from Pokemon Dream Radar– Theorin form, of course. My team was well-rounded and I beat the game on my first try. Then, I had heard at that time how to get Zekrom. I got the dark stone from N and I went to Dragon Spiral Tower and unleashed Zekrom and battle it. I threw a quickball and caught it on my first attempt.

Then I looked up the other Legendary Pokemon I could catch. I was browsing through Serebeii and I saw Heatran and Latios, but the one that caught my eye was Kyurem– my favorite Pokemon of all time.

I went to the giant chasm and had been saving my master ball for it. By the way, my Zekrom’s name was Zeke. I had taken Hurriance the Tornados off my team for Zeke the Zekrom. I also had one¬†empty spot on my team just for Kyurem. I temporarily took off Kung Fu the Lucario from my team. I knew that Kyurem would change into its black form when I fused it with Zekrom which would leave one empty spot on my team. I was planning on putting Kung Fu back on my team once they fused. I found Kyurem and eagerly threw my masterball at it. If you don’t know what a masterball does, it always catches the Pokemon that it hits. You only get one in the game, so don’t waste it on a non-Legendary Pokemon. Only use it when you’re having trouble capturing a Legendary Pokemon. Anyway, it captured Kyurem and I named it Husk because Kyurem is just a husk of Resharim and Zekrom.

I picked up the DNA splicers and used them on Kyurem and Zekrom. They automatically fused and became Black Kyurem. I was overjoyed and I never lost a battle after that. I also put Kung Fu back on my team due to the empty slot. Ever since Black Kyurem has always been my favorite Pokemon of all time.

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