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All About Volcarona

volcarona1 volcarona2

Hi Guys! Yesterday we were talking about Zekrom. Today we are talking about Volcarona. I bet you’re disappointed in how low its level is. His level is 35 in Pokémon Black 2 and White2. In Pokémon White and Black its level is 70, so you’re not disappointed about that, are you? Volcarona is one of those other awesome Pokémon. You can find Volcarona in the Relic Castle and its been waiting for its hero for over a million years. And when you battle it, it thinks you’re trespassing in its territory. So it puts up a heated battle with you. I don’t know its moves in White and Black, but I sure do know Volcarona’s moves in White2 and Black2. Its moves in White2 and Black2 are Leach Life, Gust, Fire Spin and String Shot.

I discovered I Iike Volcarona due to how mysterious it is, how awesome it looks and how strong it is. The thing I failed to mention is that I caught the Volcarona I battled and the it was quite powerful. I use him in the world tournament. So, whenever I want to go to the world tournament, I usually put Volcarona on my team. After we were at the world tournament, I improved his moves set into a way stronger one that includes the moves Overheat, Leach Life, Gust and Flamethrower. When he spreads out his wings he looks like the Sun, which interests me because I’ve always been interested in Pokémon that have to do with things from outer space. So you can imagine why I like Volcarona so much.

Volcarona is the strongest bug and fire type because there’s only one other– its pre-evolution Larvesta. Larvesta is the only Pokémon you can’t catch in White2. I love GameFreak because they made Volcarona. I love it because it’s simply one of those amazing fire types out there. I love fire types because their moves are rather strong and some fire types can even learn moves such as dragon pulse and dragon claw– like Charizard and Arcanine.

This is pretty much all I have to say about this epic fire and bug type Pokémon. Look at the top of this post and you will see two images of this awesome Pokémon. Poke Out!