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How to Catch Mew in Pokemon Blue and Red

I like this video because it teaches you how to catch Mew in Red and Blue. Mew is a Pokemon that can copy any move. Mew also has the ability to create new species of Pokemon including humans. Mew is a mythical Pokemon. Mewtoo is a Legendary. Mew created every Pokemon, even the Legendaries and Mythicals. I like Mew because he’s small, harmeless to anyone who doesn’t scare him and he is adorable. In my Pokemon Handbook it says Mew’s type is Psychic. I like Psychic Pokemons because they’re mystical and mysterious. Mew is known as the most adorable Mythical ever. Jirachi’s adorable amount is almost equal to Mew’s, but not quite. In the meantime here is a cool video.