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All About Metagross


Hope you’ve poked up, everbody, since the last time I posted about Kyogre and Groudon. This time we are talking about Metagross. Metagross is a Pokemon that is extremely heavy. It can use moves such as hammer arm, zen headbutt and even psychic. But its most powerful move isn’t even a move of its own type. Its strongest move is earthquake which is a ground type move. Earthquake is a move that can be learned by Metagross through TM and move tutor. If you’re wondering, guys, what TM stands for, it’s technical machine.

Metagross is the Pokemon that floats around using telekinesis. It’s a steel and psychic Pokemon who uses psychic moves combined with his steel moves to torture his foes or whoever he’s battling. Metagross is said to come from an iron meteorite coming to Earth. It crashed on the ground and out came the Pokemon Beldam, the Pokemon Metang and┬áthe Pokemon Metagross itself.┬áPoke up, everybody, because that’s all I have to say about Metagross.